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The location's map.
Levels Carnage Twenties Style
The Unwastables
A ped's a ped
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1920's is a location in The Nosebleed Pack.


This is a period location based on America's Gangster-filled Prohibition era. It's a huge map, modelled on a coastal city area, with lots of drone vehicles and non-descript buildings. The southern section is closer to sea-level than the main city area.

The roads are extra wide, filled with time-appropriate cars, vans, buses and trams. Six of the biggest roads form a spider-leg shape, leading to a central roundabout. Dogs play in the fountain.

The North point features a shopping centre, with glass windows at either end and a glass roof. In the East is the 'Seahorse Gardens' dance hall, a good place to find a large amount of peds in a small area.

In the North-West corner is the train station. The big hallway has a side corridor leading down to four platforms. Two Top and tail trains run the line, and two single trains[confirmation needed]; there are three generic black trains, and two 20th Century Limited steam engines. The train lines run underground (past some Giant rats) to the South-East of the map, reaching another train station, an engine shed and some sidings.

At the end of these sidings (in the South-West) is an air field; several small biplanes live here, and regularly fly off to circle the entire level. The main feature of the airfield is a moored Zeppelin - the airship Lady Luxury - which the player can drive into by the rear loading bay. The far South edge is a promenade, with benches looking out to sea.

The police vehicle for this level is The Wild Pigs.


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