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There are a 27 achievements in Carmageddon for the iOS. These can be found in the achievements screen, and are obtained when the specified criteria is met. When obtained, an achievement will award the player with some points.


CarmaiOS ach Popped Yer Cherry Popped Yer Cherry
Complete your first event
5 points
CarmaiOS ach Wasted 'EM Wasted 'EM
Finish a race by wasting all opponents
5 points
CarmaiOS ach Lap Dance Lap Dance
Finish a race by completing all laps
5 points
CarmaiOS ach I'm So Ronery I'm So Ronery
Finish a race by killing all pedestrians
20 points
CarmaiOS ach End of the Road End of the Road
Complete all races
20 points
CarmaiOS ach Minted Minted
Finish with a balance of 1,000,000 credits
10 points
CarmaiOS ach Yoink! Yoink!
Unlock a car
5 points
CarmaiOS ach Stunning! Stunning!
Pull a Cunning Stunt
5 points
CarmaiOS ach Off A Shovel! Off A Shovel!
Reach 300 mph
10 points
CarmaiOS ach Twattage! Twattage!
Waste an opponent with a single hit
10 points
CarmaiOS ach Gimme Five! Gimme Five!
Get a 5x Combo Bonus
10 points
CarmaiOS ach Nice Shot Sir! Nice Shot Sir!
Kill a ped by hitting it with something other than your car
10 points
CarmaiOS ach ART Attack ART Attack
Get a Bonus for Artistic Impression
10 points
CarmaiOS ach Here Piggy! Here Piggy!
Waste a Squad Car
5 points
CarmaiOS ach Roast Pork Roast Pork
Waste the Suppressor
10 points
CarmaiOS ach Flying Tonight! Flying Tonight!
Reach 50m above street level
5 points
CarmaiOS ach Maxed Up Maxed Up
Upgrade a vehicle to the max
15 points
CarmaiOS ach Magical Moments Magical Moments
Save and upload an epic moment from Action Replay
5 points
CarmaiOS ach Frying Tonight! Frying Tonight!
Kill 66 pedestrians with one Electro-Bastard Ray
10 points
CarmaiOS ach Grease Monkey Grease Monkey
Purchase an upgrade in the Parts Shop
5 points
CarmaiOS ach On Track On Track
Reach Rank 98
5 points
CarmaiOS ach Nifty Fifty Nifty Fifty
Reach Rank 50
10 points
CarmaiOS ach Embiggened Embiggened
Reach Rank 1
20 points
CarmaiOS ach Powered Up Powered Up
Collect each of the Powerups in the game at least once
20 points
CarmaiOS ach Minecraft Minecraft
Kill all opponents in a race using Mines
10 points
CarmaiOS ach Threesome Threesome
Finish any race with each of the three win conditions
50 points
CarmaiOS ach Carma Nutter Carma Nutter
Finish all races with each of the three win conditions
100 points


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  • "To pop one's cherry" means to take their virginity, which is effectively what happens the first time.
  • A "lap dance" is a type of dance in strip bars.
  • "I'm so ronery" comes from the Engrish song spoken by a puppet Kim Jong-Il in Team America: World Police. [1]
  • "Minted" is slang for bring wealthy (A Mint being where coins are manufactured).
  • "Yoink!" is commonly said when stealing in a joking manner.
  • "Like shit off a shovel" is an expression used to indicate that something is very fast. In the steam train days, when the driver or fireman had to go to the bathroom, they would just defecate on the shovel and quickly throw it on the fire for hygienic reasons. Adding to the expression is the fact that due to the coal on the shovel, the excrements wouldn't stick, thus leaving the shovel much faster.
  • One of the meanings of the word "twat" is to hit something.
  • Art Attack is a British TV show aimed at teaching children basic art and crafting techniques.
  • A derogatory term for police officers is "pigs".
  • "Frying tonight" is normally associated with fish and chip shops, but it also comes from Carry On Screaming!, a parody of several Hammer horror films. In the movie, Doctor Watt is dragged onto a boiling vat, shortly before saying the sentence.
    • This, in turn, is a reference to Dracula, who says he'll be "Flying tonight!" in the book.
    • The achievement's name is also linked to the cheat code for the powerup in Carmageddon II, FRYINGTONIGHT.
  • "Grease monkey" is a nickname for engineer.
  • "Embiggened" means to make something better - the word was popularised in The Simpsons episode "Lisa the Iconoclast".
  • Minecraft is a popular Java game in which players can alter the environment by placing and removing blocks.
  • A threesome is the sexual activity between three individuals.