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Carmageddon level
Acid Reign
The level's map.
Location MagnaChem Acid Ocean Reprocessor
Rank 39
Time 1:30
Opponents 5
Laps 5
Lap length 2.45 miles
Checkpoints 4
Peds 265
Cops 5

Acid Reign is the 23rd level in Carmageddon. It is unlocked at Rank 39.


Blood version[]

There's a whole bunch of bonus barrels on this circuit, but getting to them can be tricky. Time to put your thinking helmet on...

For the reasons above, this level is very difficult to beat by completing the course. Bonus barrels are difficult to locate, and the course itself is quite long, requiring a full five laps. Cops are at almost every turn, closer to objectives than in most courses. One must gain time by either locating the barrels or by colliding with other cars to have a chance at completing this course within time limits.


  • The level title is a pun on Acid Rain.
  • The level title may also be a reference to the British Thrash Metal band Acid Reign.

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