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Carmageddon 64 mission
Air We Go
[[Image:|200px|The mission's map.]]
Location Beaver Airport
Group 6
Type Peds
Time 4:59

Targets 6
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Beaver Patrol is the sixth mission in Carmageddon 64. Your mission is to kill all 6 zombies in the airport's control tower.


These zombies are everywhere! The sooner we rid the planet of these mutant zombies the better. They have taken over the old Airport and are trying to crash-land a jumbo jet into the local Climate Dome. I must stop them before they can get the planes into the air. I really don't care about the peds in the dome, it's just that the World Government is offering a wad of cash to the first person to wipe those zombies across the control tower.


You can see a ramp in front of you, then three hangers in a row.

From your start position, go behind you to collect the Afterburner from the muddy slope.

Back to the start point, line yourself up with the ramp, with the edge of the wooden fence to your side. Now go full power forwards, hitting the ramp.

When you hit the upward slope of the first roof, use a tap of Afterburner. This should help you clear the second building completely and land on the upward slope of the third roof. Brake hard to stay on this roof.

Collect the 3 Kangaroo on Command crates on this roof.

Roll slowly down the downhill slope of the third building, facing the control tower, and use a few Kangaroo on Commands - just enough to smash through the glass windows and land in the control tower.

All 6 zombies are in this room. Run them over to complete the mission.

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