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Carmageddon TDR 2000 mission
The mission's map.
Location Police State
Type(s) Targets
Time Unknown
Targets 1 Computer, 1 Suppressor
Items 0
Goals 2

C2 target big To Do: Add the time (easy) to the info panel.
Care to do so?
C2 target big To Do: Add the time (normal) to the info panel.
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C2 target big To Do: Add the time (hard) to the info panel.
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Armageddon! is the third and final mission in the Police State area, the 25th and final mission of the game. The player has to destroy the helicopter's guidance computer, then the Chief of Police.


You knew it was coming. The end of the world. But remember this - you're good enough to make it.


The first objective is alright, but the second one can be very hard without preparation.

When you start, head over the small bridge behind you. Pick up the power-up on your left, then drive down into the small hollow. Here, glowing purple, there will be a nuclear bomb. Pick this up; you'll need it later.

Now, head back up to the bridge and cross it, heading towards the target. The computer is on top of a building, but next to it is a row of solar panels, in a nice ramp shape. Pick up the power-ups at the bottom of the solar panels, the go onto the grass and line yourself up with the first panel. Use the kangaroo power-ups to jump you onto it, then keep moving forward to drive up the rest and land on the roof. Head left and pick up the power-up under the ramp. Use the ramp or your kangaroos to jump to the other building, and pick up the power-up under this ramp too. Now you should have plenty of slaughter mortars. The computer is here - Push it off the roof, and follow it down to the ground (making sure you land on your wheels).

Now a cutscene will show you the Suppressor. You've got to waste it.

Press Y to select the Suppressor on your radar, and head towards it. Ignore the other police cars as much as possible. The vehicle is extremely tough, so smashing into it is ineffective. Instead, hit it with slaughter mortars. If the Suppressor is stuck on it's back or side, or otherwise can't escape, drive up to it and carefully drop the Nuclear bomb you got earlier, and run out of blast range (hint: it's large).

Once the Suppressor is history, the game is complete!


After the final cutscene and the credits finish, you will be taken back to the Main Menu. A save has been created for you, with all the levels and vehicles unlocked (including some cars that are usually only selectable in multiplayer).

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