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Carmageddon 64 mission
Beaver Patrol
[[Image:|200px|The mission's map.]]
Location Beaver County Quarry
Group 1
Type Checkpoints
Time 4:59

Laps 3
Checkpoints 4
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Beaver Patrol is the first mission in Carmageddon 64. Your mission is to complete 3 laps in 5 minutes.


I can't believe those suckers think that they can beat me. Imagine trying to challenge me to a time trial race. The other drivers just don't have that killer instinct.

I AM the fastest.

I AM the hardest.



I'm the last one to drive. I just gotta beat that time limit or I'm never gonna get off this zombie infested planet. Obviously the huge wager everybody has placed on me doesn't put me under any pressure, Nah I can handle pressure. I am one cool mother!


Follow the road around (Checkpoint 1) and go up the hill. At the top, turn right and head down the steep hill. At the bottom, go right past the barriers, then left behind the boulder in front of you (NOT through the tunnel on your right) and go straight ahead (Checkpoint 2). Pick up speed on this uphill slope, up the right hand side: There's a large jump at the top that you need to clear. Turn left once you land and follow the dirt road through (Checkpoint 3) back to the quarry, down the tiny drop on to the road. (Checkpoint 4) is in front of you.

This completes lap 1: For the second and third laps, you can drive straight ahead through the tunnel shortcut here, instead of following the road to the left.

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