JimboSixx98 JimboSixx98 27 December 2018

Vehicle Type Categories

Had a cool idea for new categories; basically, my idea is to categorize drivers by the body type of their vehicle, I.E. The Brothers Grimm, Rod Hell and Grace Full all driving hot rods, Psycho Pitbull and Don Dumpster driving contruction vehicles, and Herb E. and Hermann Monster both driving monster trucks. Drivers with multiple vehicles can be be added to multiple categories, like, for example, Stig O' Sore could be added to compacts for Volkswerker, and sports cars for Carrerasaur. Also, drivers can be added to multiple categories if their vehicle falls under more than one category, like Hermann Monster driving a monster truck that is also technically a pickup truck.

Another thing I had in mind is to categorize them by certain features, l…

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T-002 T-002 7 December 2016

Carmageddon TV: pre-release demo found (again)

The rare pre-release demo of Carmageddon TV was removed from Romnation about five years ago. I've found a mirror:


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Lpsboy Lpsboy 8 January 2011


Hi mate what is favourite driver throughout the whole carmageddedon series?

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