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Carmageddon TDR 2000 mission
Blow the Joint
The mission's map.
Location HiRise
Type(s) Items
Time Unknown
Targets 4
Items 3 bomb pieces
Goals 3

C2 target big To Do: Add the time (easy) to the info panel.
Care to do so?
C2 target big To Do: Add the time (normal) to the info panel.
Care to do so?
C2 target big To Do: Add the time (hard) to the info panel.
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Blow the Joint is the third and final mission in the HiRise area, and the twelfth in the game.
The players must topple the skyscraper, and use it as a ramp to escape the area.


There are two sorts of driver. The quick and the dead. And you ain't dead. Yet.


Guess what - you've got 3 bomb pieces to pick up and three angry Cop Cars on your tail!

First up, head to the glass building on your map. From the start, turn to face down the main road, then drive down it to the end. Turn right and go over the Bascule bridge, up the slope to the right and onto to the road at the top. Turn left, drive on, and take the first right. Drive through the glass into the building, and you should see some arrows. This is where the lift will come - wait for it, get on it, and ride it up to the next level. Drive out onto the roof, right to the next roof, and then through the gap over the debris. On the next roof, go up into the tunnel in front of you, which curves to the left. Fall off the right side of the opening onto the next roof, then drop down onto the small scooped-out ledge. Here lies the first bomb piece.

Now you can fall back to ground level. Head back over the Western raising bridge and straight up the long road. At the second pile of debris on your right, turn down this side road. Look for the arrows leading you up the ramps onto a roof. Follow them up, and the next bomb piece is on this roof.

Once you've picked it up, fall off the roof and head back the way you came, back to the glass building. Take the lift up again. This time go left instead of right, between the 2 posts and over the rope bridge to the next roof. Behind you on the left is a dirt ramp - jump it to the next building, then behind you again should be another rope bridge. This leads up to another rooftop, where the final bomb piece awaits.

Your target building should now be in front of you (the large orange skyscaper with a needle on top). Drop down to street level. Go inside the skyscraper through the glass doors, and drop the bomb (Left Ctrl) in the open lift shaft. Now smash your way back out of the building and drive away a bit - a cutscene will kick in when you're at a safe distance. Now drive up the ruins to the "top" side, lining up along the length of the skyscraper. Floor it, driving straight ahead, to make the jump and finish the area.

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