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Bonuses are awarded to the player for fulfilling certain criteria while racing. Computer-controlled opponents cannot get these achievements. A message appears on the screen when the bonus is earned, and the player is rewarded with extra credits.

Time Bonus, on the other hand, is a powerup, obtained by collecting the corresponding pickups, scattered throughout the area.

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Pedestrian bonuses[]

All games[]

C2 extra style

An animation of a pedestrian getting hit from the side, granting an extra style bonus.

  • _x combo bonus!: Hit more than one pedestrian with the car or a power-up in quick succession. In Carmageddon, this bonus only reaches up to 5, and on the other games, to 10.
  • Bonus for artistic impression: Hit a pedestrian creatively, for example landing on one after a jump.
  • Extra style bonus!: Kill a pedestrian using the side or rear of the car.
  • Piledriver bonus!: Crush a pedestrian between the car and a solid object (such as a wall or lamppost).
  • Splatter bonus!: Hit a pedestrian in a way that it splits severely. This can be achieved by smacking it with good speed.
  • "Nice shot, sir": Hit a pedestrian with a movable object that is not the player's car (such as a traffic light).

Carmageddon II[]

  • Stitch that!: Hit a pedestrian with the ball of the Mutant Tail Thing.
  • Award for outstanding achievement: Hit a pedestrian with the mutant tail thing, when detached from the car. This can be achieved by spinning at high speed and cutting the tail so it hits a pedestrian.
  • Cat 'n' mouse bonus: Make a pedestrian lose a limb without killing it in one of the player's impacts.
  • Barbeque bonus: A pedestrian was burnt to death. Can also be achieved if one kills a pedestrian that is burning but not yet dead.

Carmageddon Reincarnation[]

  • Hot Girl on Girl Action!: Launch a female ped into another female ped.
  • Jam Sandwich!: Crush a ped between your car and an opponent's or cop's. (unconfirmed)
  • Shut up!: Killing a ped while it is screaming. (uncomfirmed)

Driving bonuses[]

All games[]

  • Head-On bonus!: Collide with an opponent head-on.
  • Cunning stunt bonus!: Land on the car's wheels after spinning through the air. Sometimes, this bonus is earned while still in mid-air.

Carmageddon Reincarnation[]

  • Got 'em up the arse!: Collide with the rear of an opponent while they're stopped or moving forward.
  • Ballet Bonus!: Do at least a 360 degree spin on the ground and drive away without stopping completely.


Better known as scrollers, these texts appear when the player matches certain criteria, similar to bonuses, but unlike bonuses, you don't gain credits from them.

All games[]

  • Wot/What a punt!: A pedestrian has been killed in a stupid or gruesome matter. Generally appears if said pedestrian wasn't killed at its first strike.
    • In Reincarnation, this is achieved by knocking a ped a long distance without killing them.
  • Dropped like a stone: A pedestrian fell from a high height.


  • Carmageddon has data for a "rollover bonus" that was eventually removed. It was meant to be awarded if the player were to roll onto the roof and end up back on the car's wheels.
  • By swapping the "c" and "st" in "cunning stunt", one gets a positive comment about a woman's genitals. This pun has been nodded at several times on the [ official website].

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