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Carmageddon II mission
Boulder Dash
The mission's map.
Location Beaver County Quarry
Group 1
Type Checkpoints
Time 6:40
Laps 5
Checkpoints 3

Boulder Dash is the first mission in Carmageddon II, located on the Beaver County Quarry. It's just a simple checkpoint race, and shouldn't be hard even on the hardest difficulty setting.


Race through the checkpoints against the clock


A standard, simple race. Start going and turn left. Now, it's slightly preferred to enter the cave and continue, rather than cornering it[1] (1/3). Keep going until you reach a high spot. Now, turn right and go down the ramp (2/3). After you're down on regular ground, go a bit forward and head left. Shortly after you'll need to climb a small ramp, and soon after you'll encounter the checkpoint (3/3). Redo the whole process 4 more times.

Hint: It's best to go under the cave on the first lap, but afterwards, you should turn left after the third checkpoint and follow the road there. This is slightly faster than returning to the place where you start and continue with your first path.[1]

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  • Boulder Dash is an old video game originally released in 1984 for the Atari 8-bit family (then ported over to other computer systems and a few consoles). "Balderdash," the expression from which both the Boulder Dash game and the Carmageddon level take their names, is commonly used as an expletive similar to "crap."


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