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The Cameron Cars are a semi-official collection of cars for Carmageddon II.

A batch of 20 vehicles, ranging between mundane and insane, were created by Stainless. Due to various restrictions, they never made it into the game. However, after enquiring about the Moo Mobile's existance, a little correspondance led to a staff member called Cameron sending the necessary files to Errol of fansite Toxic Ragers. Errol polished up the vehicles to make them work in-game, then made them available for download in June 1999.

The Cars[]

  • Beefed Up - A canvas lorry.
  • Blues Mobile - Straight from The Blues Brothers, complete with air-raid siren.
  • Caravan - A caravan without anything to tow it...
  • Fire Engine
  • Fire Engine MK2 - Longer than the MK1, with a full-length ladder on the roof.
  • Garbage Truck
  • Home Wrecker - A mobile home.
  • Kebabageddon - A Kebab van.
  • London Bus - A rear-entrance double-deck Routemaster bus.
  • Mad Mixer - A cement mixing truck.
  • Milk Tanker
  • Moo Mobile - A small car with a giant cow driving it (possibly called Daisy).
  • Panza - An unusual tracked military vehicle.
  • SkyLiner - A giant mobile crane.
  • The Bubble - A small bubble car.
  • The Great Banana - A large banana-shaped car, with a showgirl driver.
  • The MotorBike
  • The Pasturizer - A Milk Float.
  • The Tipper

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