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The Carmageddon series are all based around cars. The player drives a car, the opponents drive cars, the police drive cars, etc. The only things that aren't cars are the pedestrians, pickups and the like.



Almost all of the vehicles from Carmageddon, Splat Pack and Carmageddon II

The Carmageddon series feature a wide variety of vehicles, of many types. Front-wheel drive, Rear-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive off-roaders, cars with more than four wheels, and one with no wheels at all. Then there's the sizes, the shapes, the blades attached... read their articles for further info.

Car related powerups[]

Some powerups affect the vehicle movements or controls, in several ways. For a list of all those powerups, see their category.

Custom cars[]

The fans have been able to create custom cars for all 3 PC games. They can be played an controlled just like any regular car, but extra tools are needed to add them to the game, such as Carstockalypse for Carmageddon II.



The Prop Shafter split in half.

Basically, the cars in the Carmageddon series act just as a regular car would, and they react to physics as they would in real life. The only noticeable differences are that sometimes, cars can be cut in half if smacked against a sharp edge, whereas that's a highly improbable scenario in real-life. Another huge difference is that the gravity is severely decreased. It can take up to 6 seconds to fall 200 feet, while in real-life, it could take less than 4.

See also[]

  • The Eagle series of cars, usually the player default
  • Driver - because without them, the cars don't do much
  • Opponents - the cars you'll be wasting
  • The Cops - the cars you'll be avoiding (or wasting)
  • Drones - background cars that aren't involved in the races.

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