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CarmaUDP is a project made by Stifado that allows playing Carmageddon 2 in multiplayer vía the UDP protocol instead of the now-obsolete IPX protocol used by the game.

Files and responsibilities[]

CarmaUDP.dll: This is the heart of CarmaUDP; patches whatever is needed for the UDP transformation

CarmaUDPClient.dll: This is the client for the master server.

CarmaUDPLoader.exe: Coordinates DLL loading and configures data used by CarmaUDP.dll and CarmaUDPClient.dll.

CarmaUDPMasterServer.exe: A simple master server.

Both DLLs are autonomous; that is, they can be used without the loader, by injecting them into Carmageddon (though data must be configured correctly in CarmaUDP.ini).

How it works[]

It works by simply patching Carmageddon to create a UDP socket instead of IPX, and then hooks into the Socket API to convert IPX addresses to UDP and vice versa where needed. No more adjustments are needed because both protocols use the same API and Carmageddon seems to be happy with it.

Playing over the Internet[]

Though internet play is possible (direct connection or VLAN), it'll be laggy unless a high-speed internet connection is available.

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