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3D version gameplay

Carmageddon and Carmageddon 3D are two games that were released for cellphones in 2005. Carmageddon is a top-down game for lower end Java-supporting handsets (with 176x220 displays), while Carmageddon 3D is (obviously) a 3D version of the same game, released for Symbian 60 cellphones.

The 2D version was developed by Impressionware, while the 3D version was developed by KAMPO Interactive. Both were published by Synergenix Interactive under license from SCi.



Left to right: Hellfire, Scarecrow, No-Parking, Metal Madness

There are 4 characters - Max Damage (starting character), Dick Structor, Killer Queen, and Thunder B. Old. An unusual move sees the drivers separated from the vehicles - the player can select the driver and car separately. This means that unlike the other games in the franchise, it cannot be determined which car 'belongs' to which racer!

The four vehicles available to drive are:

  • Hellfire - Visually similar to the Eagle
  • Scarecrow - A lowrider with a colourful paintjob ($40.000)
  • No-Parking - An Armoured car ($10.000)
  • Metal Madness - A yellow taxi with reinforced windows ($20.000)



2D version gameplay

There are 36 levels in the game(s), and the player's goal is to beat them all. There are several game types:
Mobile-event-CRCheckpoints race - A standard race through checkpoints against 3 other drivers: Come first for victory.
Mobile-event-TTCollect Frenzy - Hit as many cones as you can before they're all gone
Mobile-event-DADestruction Arena - Waste the other competitors: Last one standing wins.
Mobile-event-TDATeam Destruction Arena - Same as above, only the player is teamed up with another car.
Mobile-event-HTFHold The Flag - The player must bash any car carrying the flag to get it, then keep it for as long as (s)he can.
Mobile-event-PHPedestrian Hell - Run over as many pedestrians as possible in the time given.

Cars can have their stats upgraded between levels using Credits earned.


Both games have a limited range of power-ups. The 3D version has Auto Repair, Freeze Timer, Reverse Steering, Invulnerability, Turbo Extra Damage Freeze Enemies And Zombies.




The only controls available are steer left (4), steer right (6) and brake (8) - Cars accelerate automatically.


By default cars are set to accelerate automatically - this can be turned off in the Options menu.

D-Pad Steering / Accelerate / Brake / Navigate Menus
D-Pad Centre Confirm Selection
Left / Right Soft Key Select option
1 Accelerate
2 Accelerate + Steer Left
3 Accelerate + Steer Right
4 Steer Left
6 Steer Right
7 Brake / Reverse + Steer Left
8 Brake / Reverse
9 Brake / Reverse + Steer Right
0 Change camera
# or End Call or Back Pause Menu

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