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Carmageddon (PlayStation)
Developer(s) Aqua Pacific
Publisher(s) Sales Curve Interactive
Distributor(s) Virgin Interactive
Platform(s) Sony PlayStation
Release date(s) EU October 1, 1999
Genre(s) Vehicular combat
Mode(s) Single player, Split Screen Multiplayer
Players 1 - 2 players
Rating(s) ESRB: M
ELSPA: 15+
USK: 18
SELL: 18
System requirements 1 Memory Card block
Input methods Gamepad, Steering Wheel, NeGcon

The PlayStation version of Carmageddon, also called Carmageddon, was developed by Aqua Pacific, published by Sales Curve Interactive, distributed by Virgin Interactive and released on October 1, 1999. It featured many exclusive cars and all-new levels. The game was not released in America.


The story was an expansion of the one touted in the zombie versions of Carmageddon. Here follows a condensed version, from the instruction manual:

" In 2135 a series of terrible environmental disasters spawned the worst ever plague suffered by humankind, over two thirds of the world's population was wiped out within a matter of weeks. Mankind slowly began to recover - creating vast sterile shelters where everything was controlled by the government. Slowly humanity began to believe that it could reclaim the world. But there was one last deadly surprise for the survivors. Government sponsored genetic research on the surface had been contaminated by the disease, and Zombies arose - they prospered in the diseased air.

In the over-populated Environmental Domes the Government faced mass revolt from the bored people. The Government (taking a leaf from the Romans) announced 'Carmageddon' a chance to escape to the one unspoilt island in the world (the Government headquarters). The race was to be set in disease ridden cities and enclosures of the Earth. The objective of the race was very simple: To win. How? Any way you can!  "


The usual mechanics remain intact: either complete all the laps, destroy all opposition, or run over all the zombies in a level. There are also mission levels where the player must complete a task. Levels are arranged into tiers, and all levels in a tier must be completed before the player can proceed to the next one.

Players earn credits during the races, which can be used to repair/recover the car in-game, or buy new vehicles in the Car Shop.

Unusually, this is the only Carmageddon game where the opponent cars have the ability to recover from danger in non-life-threatening situations (if the Carmageddon II Demos aren't counted). Also unusual is that the pedestrians are zombies (there is no pedestrian version of the game), but spout red blood on impact. Powerups with negative effects, such as greased tyres, have a much shorter duration than in other games, lasting between 5 and 10 seconds.


The game features a few cars and drivers from the original (such as the Eagle 3), several all-new cars/characters, and many new drivers for already established vehicles (eg. the Yellow Hawk).

Players can not steal other competitors cars as they could in the original release; instead a similar method to Carmageddon II is used. Most defeated cars can be bought for Credits in the Car Shop between races; a few remain locked until the game is completed. At the games end, all cars are unlocked to buy and the player is given an infinite amount of Credits.


All of the levels were created especially for this game. Locations include the countryside, a stunt enclosure and an arena.

Default Controls[]

PSX Default[]

D-Pad Steering / Navigate Menus
X Button Accelerate / Confirm Selection
Square Button Brake / Reverse
Triangle Button Handbrake / Cancel Selection
Circle Button Repair
Start Button Pause / Resume Game
R1 Shoulder Button Recover
Analog Mode only
Analog Stick

Left Stick:
Left / Right = Steering
All Directions = Navigate Menus

Right Stick:
Up / Down = Accelerate / Brake

A number of alternate control schemes were selectable, as well as configurations for Dual Shock (Analog) controllers, the neGcon controller and steering wheels.


The reviews for this port were better than those for Carmageddon 64, but still not pleasing. Computer & Video Games UK gave the game 1/10, while Absolute PlayStation awarded it 57/100. The game has 33.50% at GameRankings [1].


This game can also be played on the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 consoles, due to their backwards compatibility, but it is not possible on the PlayStation 4.

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