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Carmageddon 2 Advanced is a mod for Carmageddon II that alters some things. It only changes the existing cars and levels, but almost all of them are altered. Several of these changes come from imports of Carmageddon and the Splat Pack.


C2A menu

Carma2A's main menu.

C2A is installed in the same directory as the original Carma2, but it doesn't replace it. When installed, it'll move Carmageddon II's original data to the normal_data folder. In addition to this, 2 batch files are also created to allow the player to quickly switch between Carma2 and Carma2A.

This mod creates a new single player campaign. Levels from Carmageddon and the Splat Pack are added, along with some multiplayer and custom levels. While some of Carma2's maps remain, although they are usually reserved for special races and missions. In other cases, the race may be the same but with certain key aspects changed, e.g. adding opponents to the last mission or regular Carma2 maps played for bonus money.

The car lineup is also changed. Some remain from Carma2, some from the previous games return, while others are brand new vehicles. The player starts the game with the Puma Eraser, rather than the Eagle 3.

Other misc. changes include having the first races start with 10 opponents and the last with 12; rather than going from 5 to 10.



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