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Carmageddon 2 Online
Developer(s) Wolverine
Engine Java
Platform(s) Windows 9x
Latest release Core Update 4 / March 19, 2008
Status Inactive[confirmation needed]
Genre(s) Vehicular combat
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Players 1-4 players
Input methods Keyboard & Mouse

Carmageddon 2 Online (often abbreviated C2O) is a project that aims to add multiplayer internet support[1] to Carmageddon II.


Carmageddon II natively supports multiplayer games over a local network (IPX), but unfortunately not gaming over the internet (although some people have done so using IPX emulators). C2O disregards the existing multiplayer routines in Carmageddon II, instead relying on rewritten code, allowing several interesting features.

Started in early 2005 by James Mason (Wolverine from the Masters of Mayhem site), he was unsure he could deliver the whole package; the single-person project was still a "hit and miss" situation. In 2006 he posted that many of the obstacles of the previous year have been overcome. Due to Carma2's engine being outdated and hardly documented, the modifications were hard.

The fourth core release (now called Beta release) was made available to download on March 19th 2008. No final version has been released[2], although it was suggested that the code would be merged into Rax's C2 Advanced modification.

When Masters of Mayhem closed, the mod and its materials were moved to Wasted!.

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