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The Carmageddon Webmasters Alliance, often abbreviated as CWA, is a message board dedicated to the fans of the Carmageddon series.


  • Noobs start here: Beginners should check out this forum before asking certain questions, as it contains answers to the most frequent problems.
  • Carmageddon 1 / Carmageddon 2 Editing Forum: Discussion of Carma and Carma2's editing is held here.
  • General Discussion / Rant Forum: Off-topic discussions are held here.
  • CWA TDR2000 Discussion Forum: Everything related to Carmageddon TDR 2000.
  • Technical Assistance & Help Forum: Questions and problems go here, to see if someone can help.
  • S.o.D./Banger's Forum: Discussions related to Bangers or Seduction of Destruction happen here.



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