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Carstockalypse was made by Ben Beard. It's an application for Carmageddon II that allows the player to easily install or uninstall addon cars. In addition to that, it also decompresses DATA.TWT, an important step to edit the game's files.



A screenshot of the application.

Carstockalypse must be placed inside Carma2's main folder. Upon opening it, the player is greeted with a form that has 2 lists: One with the addon cars, if the player has any, and another with the cars in the game. Clicking on a car from either list will provide further detail about it: the driver, car name, strength, cost, network availability and top speed. In addition to these, a picture of the car is also displayed, but unfortunately, it'll appear black under normal circumstances. These pictures are in PIX format, and one can't see them here unless the desktop is set at a 24 bit color depth.

How to use[]

If any custom car is found, the player can add it to the game by clicking the ">" button. This will add it to the game at the end of the list (said list can also be manually sorted). To remove a custom car, the player must press the opposite button. By using the "<" button, the player can also remove regular cars from the game.

The contents of the downloaded car's folder/zip file must be pasted on Carma2's main directory. This'll add a .C2C file on the main folder and add the car's data to the DATA folder. After that, the player may run Carstockalypse and install them. It's not recommended to delete data of custom cars. If the player wants to remove a certain car, it's best to use Carstockalypse; even if the car is technically still there.


In order to edit the cars, the game's DATA.TWT file must be decompressed. Fortunately, the second Carstockalypse loads, it'll check to see if said file is unpacked. If not, it'll gently do that. Due to this, many players get Carstockalypse just so they can edit the games files without having to resort to say, TWT Suite.

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