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Charming Demon is an unofficial community pack for Carmageddon, released on CD by Mind Multimedia in 1997[1]. The subtitle is Dutch for "expansion for Carmageddon".


  • Four Blood Patches & one 3DFX patch
  • 15 wallpapers (14 screenshots, 1 artwork) from 640x480 to 1280x1024 resolution
  • One Windows wallpaper / startup screen
  • Two Themes for Windows 95/98 (by Ron Williams) - cursors, icons, wallpaper, sounds, and a startup/shutdown screen
  • Morecars patch by Emo (allows selection of any car by typing MORECARS in menu)
  • Megadeath savegame (all cars/tracks) by JayDEE
  • Carmageddon Beta timed Demo
  • Carmageddon Splat Pack Demo
  • Carmageddon.txt file convertor (decrypter) by Shayde
  • WinKey: Better known as Logo Key Control, which disables the Windows key in MS-DOS programs
  • DirectX 5 (and DirectX.cpl)
  • WinZip
  • An FAQ (taken from the official site)
  • Lists of cheat codes and tips from players
  • A gallery of Carmageddon Maps
  • Replacement Pedestrian "Gabber"
  • Three erotic Pedestrians (2 nude, 1 topless)
  • Editor V0.01 and Editor V0.02 (Pedestrian Editors by Mark Hatton)


  • The new pedestrian that isn't naked is Dutch singer Gabber Piet, on the ID&T music label. There's an ID&T logo on the back of his shirt.
    • Gabber is also the man on the cover, not Max Damage.

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