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Carmageddon TDR 2000 mission
Checkout Day
The mission's map.
Location Police State
Type(s) Targets
Time Unknown
Targets 3 computers
Items 0
Goals 2

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C2 target big To Do: Add the time (normal) to the info panel.
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Population Control is the first mission in the Police State area, and the 23rd in the game. The player has to free some prisoners by destroying three computers, then retreat to a safe spot.


Drive like the wind. You've got all hell breaking loose behind you.


You start in the middle of the area, facing the wrong way. Turn around, align yourself with the first target on your map, and head straight for it (North-East). You should cross one of the large roads and some grass, ending up at the building shaped like a fan. Drive round it using the slope on the left. There should be a large ramp here, facing the fan building - Jump up this onto the roof, then drive across a strut to the higher roof. At the left (Eastern) end sits the first computer; push it off the roof to destroy it.


A computer

Drop off the building and head for the large cannon-like structure to the right. Drive into the gap at the bottom and up the ramps, until you are facing the long ramp in the middle of the tube. Now get up speed and jump. You should land on the second roof, where the second computer is waiting to be pushed off (the fall should destroy it, but if it survives, just ram it).

Drop off the roof. Now look at the map, or use your Objective Cam. The third computer is on the top of the Southern skyway tower. Drive straight towards it, following the blue overhead road. Once you get to the bottom of the tower, drive into the base and find the ramp up (it's the Eastern side). Follow this ramp up, taking the spiral round, until you reach the top with the blue road area. There is a gap between 2 towers here, and a lift moving up and down. When the lift stops at the bottom, drive onto it quick. After a short pause, it will take you up to the top of the tower. Get off to the right, and shove the final computer off the roof (and yes, you should follow it off to the ground).

The cutscene tells you to get to the centre of the level. Just take a direct route there, fast as you can. Avoid the water, it slows you down too much. The mission ends when you drive into the open-air arena.

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