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City Slicker is the third level in Carmageddon II, and the second level in Carmageddon (Game Boy Color).

Carmageddon II[]

Carmageddon II level
City Slicker
The level's map.
Location Beaver City
Group 1
Opponents 5
Laps 4
Checkpoints 4
Peds 1116

The track circles the left half of the city.


Go forward for a bit and you'll need to drop to a lower level. Either smash your way through the fences or peacefully use the ramp. Turn left after a while, and then right (1/4). After driving on a bit of dirt, you'll enter a tunnel. Keep going all the way through the highway and you'll reach the checkpoint easily (2/4). Follow the highway for some more time, and when you're on the Western part, enter the left lane. Follow the road that the arrows point to and turn left when you reach the shop (3/4). Turn right and turn right again after a while. You'll encounter 3 ramps that will take you to the upper level (4/4). Keep going and turn left to end up where you started.

Carmageddon (Game Boy Color)[]

Carmageddon (GBC) level
City Slicker
The level's map.
Location Beaver City
Group 1
Time 0:12
Opponents 3
Laps 3
Checkpoints 5
Peds 94

Wreck or wreak havoc amongst the zombie hordes...the choice is yours

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