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For the Carmageddon (Game Boy Color) level of the same name, see Control Freak (GBC).
Carmageddon II mission
Control Freak
The mission's map.
Location Beaver County Airport
Group 7
Type Peds
Time 7:00
Peds 4

Control Freak is the seventh mission in Carmageddon II, located on the Beaver County Airport. 4 pedestrians are atop the control tower, and they are sending something via the airways... the player must kill them, but seeing as they are so high up, it's a bit tough to reach them. Depending on the strategy used, this mission can take a minute, or several.


Kill the airport controllers, for they are plotting a commercial airline based attack against you!

Kill the zombies in the control tower, before they spread the infection via the airways! (Zombie version)


The strategies for this mission require some originality. Here's one of the possible ways to complete it.

Work your way to the Eastern part of the map, after the lake. Take the wooden bridge to reach it. When you reach the part where the terrain turns to the left, look around for a red pickup next to a ramp. This pickup contains a pedestrian electro-bastard ray powerup in it. Quickly jump to the other side using the ramp. Go South and face the ramp that points to the tower. This ramp is at the East of it. Jump on it with a speed of ~120mph and, if the powerup is still in effect, it should kill the pedestrians from outside the tower, ending this mission.

Hint: You might want to take a few practice drives, just to make sure you know where the ramp is.

An alternate, yet harder strategy is to search inside the lake for a yellow barrel pickup that might contain the kangaroo on command powerup. Then, use the item to jump in the tower and kill the peds.

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