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For the Carmageddon II car driven by a cow, see Cameron Cars.

The cow on wheels is a bizarre vehicle/character, only appearing in cutscenes.



The C.O.W. in Carmageddon

The cow has a very long draping tongue, and big eyes looking in all directions. It wears a propeller hat on its head. It stands on a small chassis with all-terrain tyres, shock absorbers wrapped around its legs. There has an engine strapped to its back, with exhaust pipes running down by the cows sides.


The C.O.W. is rare, only seen in the Loser, loss cutscene. The racer stands on a hill with the crowd jeering, then the C.O.W. drives up the hill into him, gibbing the racer into a bloody mess and parking at the top.

Carmageddon (PlayStation)[]

The C.O.W. is seen in several of the 'end of race group completed' videos, one at the end of each race tier.