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The PC Carmageddon games can be customized more than the average video game. Although it's not as easy as editing Doom, the methods have been extensively researched and documented, so it's not a hard task - just long.

The textures (skins), models and values for many things can be changed, such as levels, cars, graphics, physics and sounds. For some of these, special tools are required, many of which were created by fans. Plenty of user-made content is available to download online from fan-sites.


Custom cars can be added easily to the PC games. In Carmageddon II 's case, Carstockalypse is recommended to add/remove them from the roster. For Carmageddon the skins are kept in PIX format. Cars can be textured and set up for Carmageddon II using Plaything2, but must be created in a 3D program such as 3DS Max. Car attributes can also be edited, as the data is kept in TXT files: In Carmageddon they require decrypting, while Carmageddon II needs them extracting from TWT archives.

In Carmageddon TDR 2000, the skin textures are in BMP format, making custom skins much easier than the previous games.


Pedestrians can be replaced with custom models and/or skins. In Carmageddon they are several images collected in a PIX file.


Custom tracks are rarer than cars, though some still exist for all 3 PC games. In Carmageddon II 's case, Mapstockalypse is recommended for adding/removing them.


Sounds are especially easy to replace in Carmageddon and Carmageddon II, as they are simply WAV files.


As well as creating custom content, modders have ported official items between games in various combinations. Maps from Carmageddon have made it into Carmageddon II, opponents from Carmageddon II have gone back into Carmageddon, and even drivers exclusive to the PlayStation game have made it into the original PC version.

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