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DATA.TWT is a file present in Carmageddon II's main directory. This file contains part of the game's data, which means that deleting it or renaming it will cause the game to stop functioning. Although, as with many other TWT data files, if the file isn't present, the game will try to load its contents from a folder that uses the same name. Curiously, this file has the same name as an existing folder.

In order to edit the files that are inside DATA.TWT, the player must first extract them using TWT Unpacker or Carstockalypse. But even if the files are unpacked, the game will still read data from DATA.TWT, so the player must get rid of it (renaming it is a good way) so the game will use the files in the folder.

Carmageddon also has these files, but they're encrypted. In order to decrypt them, the player must write the IWANTTOFIDDLE cheat.


DATA.TWT contains the following files:

They are intact inside DATA.TWT, except they're not separated. When one file's text ends, the next one begins right away. That being said, the player can edit DATA.TWT directly, but for organization's sake, it's best to unpack all files.

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