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One of the edit mode's sub-modes is depth effects. This mode comes in handy when the player is displeased with the available drawing distance, as this mode is able to change several graphic options. This mode is only present in Carmageddon.


Pressing certain keys will change a certain aspect.

  • 0: Toggles the shadows, just like in the options mode (2 key).
  • 1: Toggles the shadows translucency, between solid and translucent.
  • 9: Rotates the dust color. Unknown effect. [confirmation needed]
  • F5: Toggles the depth effects between darkness, fog, and nothing.
  • F6: Toggles the sky texture.
  • F7: Reduce the depth start. 3 is the minimum. The higher this is, the closer the fog/darkness.
  • F8: Increases the depth start. 13 is the maximum.
  • F10: Increases the yon by 5.
  • F11: Increases the Field Of View. High values will cause a fisheye effect.
  • SHIFT-F7: Reduces the depth end. 13 is the minimum.
  • SHIFT-F8: Increases the end depth. 0 is the maximum.
  • SHIFT-F10: Reduces the yon by 5. 5 is the minimum value.
  • SHIFT-F11: Decreases the Field of View.

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