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Carmageddon TDR 2000 mission
Destroy the Behemoth
The mission's map.
Location Police State
Type(s) Targets
Time Unknown
Targets 3 Behemoths
Items 10 Bombs
Goals 1

C2 target big To Do: Add the time (easy) to the info panel.
Care to do so?
C2 target big To Do: Add the time (normal) to the info panel.
Care to do so?
C2 target big To Do: Add the time (hard) to the info panel.
Care to do so?

Destroy the behemoth is the second mission in the Police State area, the 24th and penultimate mission of the game. The player has to destroy the state's three Behemoths.


The bigger they are, the harder they can fall on you.


This is a challenge, but can be done.

Start by following the arrows down into the tunnels. Drive as fast as you can down these tunnels, following the arrows, until you pick up the 10 bombs in a row. Continue straight on through the tunnels and the hangar. Take a right out of the hangar, and drive past the water to the giant roads.


A Behemoth

There are three Behemoths, one constantly (yet slowly) moving up and down each road. They can fire missiles at you, which can be dodged: They don't so much waste you as throw you off course. Make sure you attack the Behemoth indicated on your radar.

Pick up as many power-ups as possible from the roads and the grass banks - you need plenty of Kangaroo on command, and while not essential, Instant handbrake power-ups can help a lot. Get onto a grass bank, and drive towards to the behemoth. Once you get close, drive forward and use the kangaroos; with any luck you'll avoid the missiles and land on top of the behemoth.

Once you are on top, drive carefully until you are on the flat part to one side, facing the smoking vent. Don't recover, as you will recover off the behemoth. Once there, park with your bonnet very close to the vent, and use the bomb (Left Ctrl). Watch it roll down your bonnet into the vent. If you did it right, and the bomb went in quickly, you'll get a confirmation message: Drive off the Behemoth and watch it blow.

Repeat the last two paragraphs twice more (while avoiding the Cops), making sure you've targeted the correct Behemoth. Once you have mastered the technique, you should have no problem wrecking all the Behemoths. The mission ends when the third one goes up in flames.

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