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The detail menu (named settings in Carmageddon II) is found in the PC games, usually under the main options menu. This screen allows the player to change several options regarding the game's aspect. These can be as simple as toggling the fog to changing the amount of graphical carnage.


The player can change the following options:

  • Car complexity: Always/usually/near/never. This option changes when the cars change to a simpler model upon being further away (LOD, Level of Detail for short).
  • Car textures: On/mostly off/off. Changes whether the textures are simple colors from a distance or detailed surfaces. Mostly off is the same as off, except it enables transparent textures as well.
  • Shadows: All cars/your car/no cars. Sets which cars have a shadow under them.
  • Wall textures: Perspective/linear/none. From best textures no matter what, all the way down to just simple, colored polygon blocks.
  • Road textures: Same as wall textures, except it's for the road textures.
  • Scenery cut-off: Distant/far/nearer/nearest. Sets the distance at which the scenery disappears, also known as the yon.
  • Scenery pop-up: Same as cut-off, except it's when the scenery appears. (Options mode considers the track to appear from very quickly to very late.)
  • Sky texture: On/off.
  • Darkness/fog: On/off.
  • Track accessories: On/off.
  • Special effects: On/off.
  • Sound detail: Full/medium/minimal.

Carmageddon II[]

The following options are available. All unexplained options work the same way as they do in Carmageddon.

  • Car complexity.
  • Scenery cut-off.
  • Scenery pop-up.
  • Shadows.
  • Sound detail.
  • Traffic: On/off. Toggles the drones.
  • Sky texture.
  • Darkness/fog.
  • Gore level: Stomach churning/medium carnage/nice and fluffy. Changes how much blood and giblets are visible, from most to least.
  • Animals: On/off.
  • Flame thrower: On/off. Toggles the pedestrian flamethrower.
  • Explosives: On/off. Toggles mines.
  • Auto load: On/off. Toggles whether the game should load the previously used slot on start-up or not.
  • Ambience: On/off. Toggles ambient sounds, like birds tweeting.

Carmageddon TDR 2000[]

These options can only be toggled on and off.

  • Traffic: Toggles drones.
  • Animating textures: Toggles whether animated textures (like water surfaces) should animate or not.
  • Pedestrians.
  • Radar. Toggles the mini-map.
  • Auto save game: Toggles whether the game should save automatically after each race or not.

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Variable values[]

Using the options mode, one can fine tune and check the values of the variables for some of these options. The following is a list that matches the option's choices with their numeric values:

  • Car complexity:
    • Carmageddon: always=0, usually=1, near=3, nearest=4.
    • Carmageddon II: always=0, usually=1, near=2, never=3.
  • Scenery cut-off: distant=35, far=30, nearer=25, nearest=20.

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