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The Docks (also called The Docklands) are the third location in Carmageddon: TDR 2000.

General Info[]

This hilly area has a large bay in the centre, leading out to the (blocked off) sea in the East. The bay is surrounded by three docks, one of which holds a tugboat and a cargo ship. The player can get across the water by driving around it at the West, crossing the broken suspension bridge in the middle, or using the Bascule bridge in the East. If you've nothing but time, you can even drive along the sea bed.

In the North West is the Warehouse District, a grid of several small buildings and one large blue factory. Next to this area, on the east coast, is a hill with a spiral path. At the top is a ramp to jump onto the rooftops.

North East is the Chemical Factory, owned by Fat Bastard Chemicals. A large section is taken up by the oil dump's big vats. North of this facility are 3 large pipes, leading high up onto the mountainside. Small cars can drive up them.

The Foundry in the South East is also owned by F.B.C. A long and narrow conveyor belt snakes through these buildings, turning rising and dipping like a lame rollercoaster. One stretch comes complete with mechanical presses.

A train runs through the centre of the map, stopping at two stations. Level crossings bring down road barriers to let it pass.

The police vehicle for this location is Copcar.


  • The Tugboat is called "Seaman's Splat".


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