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If the vehicle is the instrument of destruction, then the driver is the operator. This is not Pixar's Cars, where the vehicles are all self-aware - they still need a driver.

Each driver has their own name (many of which are sexual puns) and biography. The types of racer are varied; male drivers, female drivers, drivers with multiple passengers, androids, cyborgs, supernatural creatures, mutants, even at least two separate drivers wired into their machines!

In gameplay terms, a driver is permanently assigned to their vehicle; whatever car the player picks, the drivers comes with it. Technically it is supposed to be the player's character (Max Damage or Die Anna) driving any car the player chooses, but the "original owners" of these cars are still visible in the driving seat. The sole exception to this rule is in the cellphone games, where drivers and cars can be mixed and matched as the player pleases.

The same car does not always appear with the same driver. Drivers can change between ports, or even between games, with no explanation. Stig O'Sore gets a new car for Carmageddon Splat Pack. In the same game, the De Gory'un is driven by Metal Mikey, but one game on the De Gory'Un 2 has Russ T driving it. Sometimes they're drawn differently.

Drivers can not leave their cars during gameplay, although in Carmageddon II and Carmageddon: TDR 2000, their doors can be opened and closed. Drivers can not be injured or killed, or thrown from their vehicles during high-speed impacts (this is the case with Reincarnation).

The drivers in TDR 2000 are not officially named - their mottos were found unused in the game files.

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