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Carmageddon location
Dusty Trails Quayside Complex
The location's map.
Levels Mist Me!
Off Quay
By the Seascythe

Carmageddon 64 location
Dusty Trails Quayside Complex
The location's map.
Groups 7, 8, 9
Levels Sea Scythe
Sandy Shandy
Crabs Ahoy!
Mission Revenge of the Exploding Dead!

Dusty Trails Quayside Complex (also known as Dusty Trails Scenic Coastal Drive) is a location in the original Carmageddon. The player first encounters it as Quayside Complex at Rank 84.


This coastal region features a Quay, complete with yachts bobbing on the tide. The roads wind up and down the hillside, and there is a jump (with a way around) to the south-east.

Carmageddon 64[]

Beaver County Coast is a remake of the Carmageddon level. Apart from the yachts being removed, the location is mostly the same. The player first encounters it in Race 19, the first race of Group 7. It is also the scene of a mission where exploding zombies must be avoided.

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