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The edit mode is a special mode in Carmageddon (and Splat Pack) and Carmageddon II that allows several changes to be made. This can be considered as a "super cheat".

Edit mode is the name given to the mode that contains the other modes: cheat mode, options mode, etc.

Carma VS Carma2[]

Carmageddon's edit mode is consisted of 10 modes, plus the fly mode. In Carmageddon II, however, the edit mode is only consisted of the cheat mode and options mode. The fly mode is a different cheat altogether.


These modes can be accessed using the F4 key. They're listed by the order in which they are accessed in Carmageddon. The fly mode is accessed by pressing Ctrl+numpad 1 in both games.

C2 target big To Do: Editors, use the Edit mode in Carmageddon page for information on each mode.
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Name Carmageddon Carmageddon II
Cheat mode Yes Yes
Accessories mode Yes No
Special volumes mode Yes No
Pedestrians mode Yes No
Opponents mode Yes No
Bonnet mode Yes No
Options mode Yes Yes
Prat-cam mode Yes No
Depth effects mode Yes No
Damage mode Yes No
Fly mode Yes Yes

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