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For the Carmageddon (Game Boy Color) level of the same name, see Eye of Beaver.
Carmageddon II mission
Eye of the Beaver
The mission's map.
Location Beaver City
Group 2
Type Targets
Time 6:00
Targets 11

Eye of the Beaver is the second mission in Carmageddon II, located on Beaver City. The player starts on a rooftop and must work his/her way up on top of other skyscrapers using nearby ramps. All antennae located up here must be destroyed with a moderate smack.


Destroy all the roof-top satellite antennae


C2 Eye of the Beaver

Max Damage near an antenna.

The player starts on a relatively low rooftop. Immediately ahead is a ramp facing another building. Jump on it, and make sure you get off the ramp at around 70mph. Turn right to get some distance from the ramp you probably just smacked against. Face the other way and jump on it (leave at ~60mph). Collect the extra power point and face the other way for the next ramp. Jump on it (~70mph) and destroy the antenna up here (1/11). Now, go to the corner of this rooftop and you'll find another ramp. Jump on this one (~75mph) and climb the small elevation to hit the next antenna (2/11). Climb the other ramp and once you face right, you'll see it's time to jump again (~55mph). Turn right and smash the antenna (3/11). Jump the ramp next to it (~70mph). Now, before jumping on the next, look at its right and you'll find an antenna (4/11). Now you can jump it (~70mph) and smack the next one (5/11). Keep going along this rooftop and you'll soon see the next ramp. Jump it (~50mph) and now the mission starts to get a bit hard.

You need to jump on the next platform and smack the antenna (6/11). Needless to say that this will mess with your jump, but the only thing that can be done is to wish for luck. Get a good distance and go for it (~80mph). You may end up spinning a lot and may not land on your wheels; but keep trying. Now, before jumping on the ramp on the right, head left for another antenna (7/11). Jump (~70mph) and destroy the antenna (8/11) at the right, next to a ramp, collecting an extra offensive point on the way. But watch out because this ramp is to trick you. It leads to nowhere, so you must head in a different direction. When you made your jump here, you saw a fence, right? Enter trough it and jump out of the tunnel (~50mph) by the fence in front. On this next building turn left and destroy the ninth antenna (9/11), then turn around and make another jump (~110mph). Destroy the antenna here (10/11) and jump on the final ramp (~70mph) followed by completing the mission (11/11).


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