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Carmageddon 64 mission
Eye of the Beaver (C64)
[[Image:|200px|The mission's map.]]
Location Beaver City
Group 2
Type Targets
Time 8:19

Targets 11
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Eye of the Beaver is the second mission in Carmageddon 64. Your mission is to destroy 11 satellite dishes. Touching an antenna will destroy it. The route is quite linear, and you can follow the blue dot on your mini-map.


SCUM BAGS! The zombies have managed to turn on a series of satellites throughout the city. It is creating havoc with the climate control systems of the domes. It has reached critical mass and if somebody doesn't take those satellites out of commission then the whole system is going to collapse. Guess what? The World Government has asked me to do it! Not surprising considering I am the best bad ass driver there is or ever has been! Saving this hell hole will really give me a big cash boost. Ha! Ha!


Take the ramp in front of you, then the ramp to your left, then smash (Antennae 1).

Ramp to the left (next to the antennae) and into (Antennae 2).

Back around the right side of the building, back up to have a run-up to the ramp. Aim off the right side of the ramp aiming to land on the lower side of the building. Up the ramp (behind you) to the left, destroy (Antenna 3).

Up the next ramp, over the ramp at the top to the next buliding. Around the corner, destroy (Antenna 4).

Back up and take the ramp next to it, to the next rooftop. Destroy (Antenna 5), then take the ramp next to it, aiming for the flat rooftop (not the antenna). Destroy (Antenna 6).

Take the right corner then the next ramp. Destroy (Antenna 7).

Take the next ramp, then go to the left side of this rooftop to destroy (Antenna 8).

Take the ramp on the right side of this rooftop. On landing, destroy (Antenna 9), then take the ramp next to it. Turn left and destroy (Antenna 10).

Turn 180 degrees to face behind you. Take as big a run-up as you can for this last ramp, hitting the ramp's centre or left side to land on the far away rooftop. Destroy (Antenna 11) to complete the mission.

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