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Carmageddon II mission
Fair Grind
The mission's map.
Location Mr. Jolly Fairground
Group 6
Type Peds
Time 7:00
Peds 23

Fair Grind is the sixth mission in Carmageddon II, located on Mr. Jolly Fairground. The clowns in this fairground must be killed, for some reason. They can be found on hills and high pole, but overall, it's not a difficult mission.


The clowns are evil deviants in disguise. They must be destroyed.

The zombie clowns are particularly nasty. You must destroy them all. (Zombie version)


As with Outbreak!, you can choose which group of pedestrians to strike next. Similarly, this is also just one of the possible strategies.

Once the mission starts, go forward and turn left when you see the roller-coaster. Keep following the purple brick road, but make sure you hit the clown on your way (1/23). He's usually found next to the part where the road turns right. Keep going until you reach the section with several shops at the South. You can spot where the clown is with the map (2/23). Keep going through the road until you reach the Eastern part of the map, where the grass walls are not as steep. You need to climb up (which isn't a hard task) using the least-inclined wall you can find. Kill all the clowns up here, and if you're having trouble finding them, use the map (16/23). When you're done, drop down next to where you climbed and continue going North. Follow the road by turning left, and then the small section Northwest. Now, don't continue through the brick road. Instead, break your way through the fences and enter the small grassy area nearby. Kill the clown there and head West (17/23). Now, you were suppose to jump on the ramps and kill the clowns up on the platforms, but why do it the hard way? Instead, drive next to the platform where the clowns are (check your map) and sound the horn; once or twice should be enough. After some seconds, they'll fall down in panic (19/23). Go North, break through the fence and follow the brick road East. Don't turn right at the Northeastern corner; instead, kill the clown on this road (20/23). Then, go up the grass ramp in front of you (you can find this ramp on the map: it's a small patch of dirt on the Northeastern corner). Once you're up here, kill the remaining clowns and finish this mission (23/23).

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