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Carmageddon Splat Pack level
Figure of Hate
The level's map.
Location Nerdberksring Race Circuit
Rank 16
Time 3:00
Opponents 5
Laps 10
Lap length 1.5 miles
Checkpoints 2
Peds 741
Cops 6

Figure of Hate is the fourth level in Carmageddon Splat Pack. It is unlocked at Rank 16.


It's time, once more, to hone those true racing skills in a display of real driving prowess. Alternatively, just beat the living crap out of everyone & grease some spectators.


  • The level name refers to the 'figure of eight' layout of the track, though it could refer to the term "hate figure" too (which Stainless were for a while).
    • The 'figure of eight' can also be used as the symbol for infinity, where no limit is.

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