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C2 Fly

Max Damage flying and inside a wall.

The fly mode is a cheat found in Carmageddon II. As its name indicates, it makes the player's car able to fly over, and through the level; similar to Sonic the Hedgehog's debug mode (minus the object placement).


Once this cheat is activated, the player's car will come to an halt and the player will now be able to fly. Using certain keys, the player can move the car in almost any direction. Seeing that this is "fly" mode, the car is not affected by gravity; or the laws of physics for that matter. The player can turn the car up or down, strafe left or right or even do Aileron rolls, better known (incorrectly) as barrel rolls.

In addition to being able to move freely, the player can also pass through opponents, pedestrians and the level itself. The player is effectively intangible, and can go to any spot on the map, unconditionally.

The flight mode is most often used to have fun, but thanks to a glitch in Carmageddon II, this mode is used to deal with the opponents that go beyond the USS Lewinsky door.


The player only needs to activate the cheat once, and after that, flight mode can be toggled with a single key combination.

When flying, the possible actions don't have a speed limit, which means that the player may continue holding the key (combination), and the action will be performed, each time faster.

  • Ctrl+Numpad 1: Toggles flight mode.
  • Accelerate: Moves the car forward in the direction its front is facing.
  • Reverse: Moves the car backward in the direction its front is facing.
  • Left/right: Spins the car left/right on its vertical axis. It's always the car's vertical axis, not the global one.
  • Handbrake: Stops all momentum and speed instantly, similar to Instant handbrake.
  • Numpad 9/3: Spins the car up/down on its horizontal (left door to right door) axis.
  • Numpad 5: Makes the car immediately teleport on top of the ground that's directly above or below it. If the car is too far from the floor, it won't stick to it and it'll just place itself on the air without being tilted in any direction. If the car snaps to a tilted ground, it'll be titled as well.
  • 'Shift+numpad 9/'3: Moves the car vertically up/down in the global vertical axis.
  • Alt+left/right: Strafes the car left/right from the direction it's facing.
  • Shift+left/right: Spins the car left/right on the horizontal axis (front to back), while always facing the same direction.

In the games[]

In Carmageddon, this mode can be toggled when the edit mode is activated. After activating cheat mode, the player only needs to press Ctrl+Numpad 1.

In the sequel, however, this mode must be activated with the longest cheat code string on the series. IWISHICOULDFLYRIGHTUPTOTHESKY activates this ability, and only now can the player toggle it with Ctrl+numpad 1.

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