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C2 glitched airport

A glitch with the airport's terrain.

Like everything, none of the Carmageddon games are perfect, so glitches (also known as bugs) are more than likely to occur. Some may be harmless, while others can make a race incompletable.

This page lists all (or most) known bugs.

  • Name: Most glitches don't have a name, so the name given just helps to identify them.
  • Reproducibility: How often can this glitch be reproduced. Low, Medium or High.
  • Cause: Why this happens.
    • Code: Caused by some coding flaws, such as allowing a variable to reach unwanted values.
    • Engine: Caused by a problem with an engine: physics, sound, graphic, etc.
    • Design: Caused by faulty location, model, etc. design.
  • Harmless: No if the glitch can make the game unplayable or have other serious effects. Yes otherwise.

Carmageddon & Splat Pack[]

Name Reproducibility Cause Harmless
Sped up timer High Engine No
Teleporting opponents Medium Engine Yes
Race info + view racers Medium Code Yes
Exploded bodywork Low Engine Yes

Carmageddon II[]

Name Reproducibility Cause Harmless
Airport terrain Low Design Yes
Random collisions Low Engine No
Solid breakables Medium Engine No
USS Lewinsky door High Engine No
Wrecks gallery Medium Code No
Full garage High Code Yes
Yon freeze Medium Engine No

Carmageddon and Carmageddon II[]

Name Reproducibility Cause Harmless
Ped freezing horn Medium Code Yes

Carmageddon: TDR 2000[]

Name Reproducibility Cause Harmless
Cutscene glitch Low Code No
Free driving ending Low Code No
Reverse sounds Low Engine Yes

Carmageddon (PlayStation)[]

Name Reproducibility Cause Harmless
Water walking peds High Engine Yes

Carmageddon 64[]

Name Reproducibility Cause Harmless
Stuck cars Low Engine Yes
Doughnut glitch Medium Engine No

Carmageddon (Mobile)[]

Name Reproducibility Cause Harmless
Broken HUD High Engine Yes

Minor glitches[]

Carmageddon and Splat Pack[]

Carmageddon Suppressor gears

The Supperssor's gear counter.
First line: Reverse, N, 1, 2, 3,
Second line: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

  • The Suppressor's gear counter is graphically incorrect, showing bits of the surrounding numbers above and below the current one, and gears 7 and 8 are just garbage graphics.
  • If the player wins a race with a lot of spins in mid-air, they'll be granted a Cunning Stunt bonus when the next race starts, provided they haven't landed after winning, and that the game hasn't been exited in the meantime. Video
  • The map in Industrial Action highlights the previous checkpoint instead of the current one.

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