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Airport terrain
A screenshot of the glitch in action.
A glitch in Carmageddon II
Location Beaver County Airport
Reproducibility Low
Cause Design
Harmless Yes

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The airport glitched terrain bug is quite simple: one of the walls of the airport's lake has a glitched duplicate face.


When on the Beaver County Airport, the player must go to the Northern lake's Eastern wall. If the player enters the water from here, nothing special might seem to happen, but if the player is close to the wall, eventually some fake walls will be noticed.


These fake walls are invisible from the in side, and visible from the outside. In other words, if the player is really close to the real wall, if (s)he looks at the water, the walls won't be visible. If from inside the lake, the player looks at the wall, the sides will be visible, covering the real wall.

Collisions work the same way. If the player leaves the real wall and goes further into the lake, (s)he'll pass through the fake walls. If (s)he tries the opposite, (s)he'll climb the fake walls. These collisions are also valid for the camera.

It's worth noting that it's referred to as walls because there's 2 fakes walls. There's the real one, a fake after it, and then another after. Their angles and sizes depend slightly.


This bug isn't easy to explain, but most likely, the location developers accidentally places those 2 walls and didn't notice their existence. This could be due to having something there previously, but, when deleting it, they left out 2 faces accidentally, or there was some sort of flaw when moving/resizing/creating the Eastern wall.

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