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Broken HUD
A screenshot of the glitch in action.
A glitch in Carmageddon (2D Mobile)
Location Any level
Reproducibility High
Cause Engine
Harmless Yes

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On modern mobile phones, the menus and HUD in the 2D mobile game appear broken! The text is also very small indeed...

How to[]

Install and run the game on a mobile phone with a screen resolution higher than 240x320 pixels.


The colours for the tachometer and car damage, the lap counter and position counter are in the top-left, but the HUD shell is in the top-center, so they don't line up.


The game was designed for Nokia Series 40 mobile phones, with a specific screen resolution of 240 wide by 320 pixels tall. The HUD is composed of two layers - The upper layer (the HUD "shell") was coded to appear in the center of the screen, while the lower level (the details) were aligned to the left.

On older screens, the 240 pixel width meant that both layers lined up correctly, so the alignment didn't matter. Newer, wider screens cause trouble, as the second layer has the extra room to shift left.

If the phone has a high screen resolution yet small screen size, the view of the race track will be greater, but everything (including the text) will be smaller and harder to see.

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