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Cutscene glitch

A glitch in Carmageddon TDR 2000
Location "Loading" menu
Reproducibility Low
Cause Code
Harmless No

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There's a glitch in Carmageddon TDR 2000 that can crash the game when a cutscene is about to take place.

How to[]

Click on a mission to start it. At the loading screen, press and hold Escape (which is the key that skips cutscenes). When the mission starts, if you're still holding Escape, the game should crash.


When the loading screen goes away, the black cutscene bars will be seen for a while, and then the screen will fade black, followed by a crash. A message box will then appear reporting an "access violation" exception. The menu music can be heard, but the only thing that can be done now is pressing Ok on the message box, and seeing the game close.


The following is just a theory. The key that skips a cutscene is the same that enters the pause menu, but in order for the game to choose whether to skip a cutscene or enter a menu, it must have a variable that controls that (a state machine). When a cutscene is in place, that variable is set to make Escape skip it. Otherwise, it'll pause the game.

Probably, the first action that takes place in the code is the one that interprets the key presses. The code that decides what the variable should be only comes after. As such, the game will first interpret the Escape key the player was holding. But, because the game hasn't decided what Escape does yet, it'll use the default value: show the pause menu.

That's where things go wrong. The game wasn't suppose to show the pause menu when a cutscene is taking place. That's why it crashes.

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