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Glitch:Exploded bodywork
A screenshot of the glitch in action.
A glitch in Carmageddon
Location Any level
Reproducibility Low
Cause Engine
Harmless Yes

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In Carmageddon, crushage is shown by stretching the car's body work a little. In future games, parts of the car fall off, but this doesn't happen in the first game. However, it was never intended to be crushed several times in a row, and an odd effect happens.

How to[]

The easiest way is with cheats. Use cheat mode or type BIGBOTTOM in a race. This will activate the Bodywork trashed powerup. Keep activating this powerup, around 20 to 30 times. Alternately, if pinball mode is used in an enclosed area, the same thing might happen, provided the player doesn't get damaged to the point of wastage.


The car's structure will be gently bent for the first times, but eventually, the dents will start creating spikes that stick out of the car. After that, the spikes grow a lot larger, and eventually, the car is a big mess of giant stretched polygons.

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