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Free driving ending

A glitch in Carmageddon TDR 2000
Location Free driving mode
Reproducibility Low
Cause Code
Harmless No

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Whenever the player wins or loses in free driving mode, the camera will spin around them, showing the results or the "wasted" message. When this small scene is taking place, it can be skipped by pressing Enter. In free driving, the player can also press Escape at any time to quit this mode, but that shouldn't be possible at this time.

How to[]

When the camera is panning around the car after you won or lost the race, press Escape.


The screen will fade black to enter the free driving menu. It'll show it for a short time and will fade out again. If the player presses Escape, the free driving screen will quickly appear for some frames, the screen will fade black and nothing else can be done on the game. The menu music will still play, and the game can still be closed with Alt+F4.


When the player presses Escape in a regular race, it fast-forwards the victory or loss screen, just like Enter. But when in free driving, Escape exits this mode. As such, the game is trying to skip the screen and go to the menu at the same time. Seeing as finishing the screen takes longer than accessing the free driving menu, the player will see the free driving menu, but after a while, the result screen will end and try to access the menu.

The free driving menu was already open, so the game is trying to load a menu on top of a menu, or something like that. It'll then fade to black, and if the player presses Escape again, the game will try to go to the main menu, twice. The result is a black screen that practically freezes the game.

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