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A glitch in Carmageddon II
Location Garage
Reproducibility High
Cause Code
Harmless Yes

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After completing the last mission, the player is granted all cars, including color variants of the Eagle 3 and some extra cars, such as the Flower Plower. This means that the player ends up having 53 vehicles. But for some reason, this list is too big for Carmageddon II's garage...


Complete the game. This glitch probably doesn't happen if you just buy every single opponent.


When choosing a car, the player may notice that some of the vehicles are missing. That's right: a random vehicle is deleted from the list for some reason. There is no way to tell which car will disappear, if any, but the Mach 13 and Screwie 2 seem to be the most commonly reported.

When the player enters this menu, they might notice that the game selected a different car. For instance, the player has chosen the purple Eagle 3, and when they click the car's image to choose another one, the game will select the previous one: the pink.


This glitch doesn't seem to have any explanation, and its effects are wildly random. But this might not be as dangerous as it seems. If the player can't find a certain vehicle, what they must do is select a different car and try to access the list again. Completing a race or restarting the game may also do the trick. When some cars are brought back, there might be a chance that others go missing.

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