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Ped freezing horn

A glitch in Carmageddon and II
Location Any level
Reproducibility Medium
Cause Engine
Harmless Yes

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The horn is nearly useless, but by exploiting a glitch, the player can get some easy kills. We all know that every time a pedestrian stops to scream, it's a sitting duck. But unfortunately, it starts running shortly after. With this glitch, the pedestrian might stay still for longer...

How to[]

When near a pedestrian, repeatedly sound the horn. Which is to say, press the button several times fast, don't hold it.


The pedestrian should scream at you, and before starting to run, it should scream again. This is repeated for as long as you sounds the horn.


Every time a pedestrian is scared it'll scream at the car and then run away. In Carmageddon II's case, it may also wave its arms or kneel down. Either way, after it's done that, it'll run away. Sounding the horn might scare it again, so it'll scream again instead of running. This can be repeated several times, effectively, making the ped stay in place.


This doesn't always happen though. It's believed that, if the horn gave them the first scare, the glitch might not work. On the other hand, if it was the car approaching that first scared them, it might work.

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