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Race info + view racers
A screenshot of the glitch in action.
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A glitch in Carmageddon
Location Race info, race menu
Reproducibility Medium
Cause Code
Harmless Yes

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The race menu, race info menu and view racers menu all have the up and down buttons to the left of the main panel, except it's invisible in the first two. These buttons are always interactable with, and if used in the menu they aren't meant to, the results can be quite hilarious.

How to[]

On the race menu or race info menu, click where the up/down buttons are on the view racers menu. These are a bit above and below the horizontal black line, to the left of the menu's main panel.


The otherwise-invisible button you clicked on will now be rendered visible, and the game will scroll the contents of the panel up/down, revealing the "next" or "previous" opponent that's entering the race.

If used on the race info menu, the text will stop being rendered as the content is scrolled, but when it stops, it'll be written from the start, on top of the opponent's mug.


The race menu, race info menu and view racers menu are almost likely the exact same menu, as far as the game is concerned. The only thing that changes when a player presses the button that changes the menu is that the main panel changes content, and the up/down arrow buttons are made (in)visible, as well as have their "mouse over" events disabled.

Despite the latter's invisibility setting, they're always "enabled", which means the player can press them at any time (the "mouse click" event is never disabled) - something Stainless didn't take into account.

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