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Random collisions
A screenshot of the glitch in action.
A glitch in Carmageddon II
Location Any level
Reproducibility Low
Cause Engine
Harmless No

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Very rarely, the game's engine might have some trouble trying to figure out where a certain part of a model is suppose to be. If it realizes that it's somewhere it shouldn't be, it might eject the object away from it for safety purposes. Unfortunately, projecting a car might damage or waste it.

How to[]

It's unknown why or how this happens. Every once in a while, it just happens. But, there is a way to test reproduce something similar. By having a ped next to a wall (by pushing it, for instance), and then, making sure the ped doesn't move, back up. Activate several brute powerups, like solid granite car, Acme damage magnifier and hot rod and proceed to smack the hapless pedestrian.

This isn't the real glitch, but it works around the same basis: the game expels the pedestrian at high speed to avoid having it embedded in the car. The real glitch happens rarely, when driving, and something happens out of nowhere.


The object that has suffered the infraction will be projected away from the object or wall. Effects may range from a mere small hop to a flight at brutal speeds.


The engine can't afford to have an object inside each other. That is, an object that follows most of the game's physics, such as cars and pedestrians. At any point, the game may need to calculate collisions between something else, but seeing as those 2 objects are inside each other, they're colliding every time, and can mess with the other collisions.

As such, one of the objects is removed to avoid such a thing.

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