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Teleporting opponents

A glitch in Carmageddon
Location Any level
Reproducibility Medium
Cause Engine
Harmless Yes

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There is a glitch in Carmageddon that makes the opponents teleport to different places. This is very easy to perform, and may actually help the player.

How to[]

When the opponents are quite far from you, look at the map by pressing the assigned key. Then proceed to repeatedly close the map and display it again. You can do this as many times as you please.


Unless something is stopping the glitch from happening, the opponents will move from their spot to another one, usually within the same road, and closer to the player. The player can use this to make the opponent come close to them when they're having a hard time catching them. One can even notice if the glitch is really happening if the opponent is facing and moving away from the player, and after the "telportations", continues in the same direction, but closer to the player.

The opponents won't teleport if they're too close to the player. The glitch might not happen if the draw distance is too high, seeing as the opponents might still be within sight.


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When the opponents are far from the player, the game just puts them in some place. It doesn't matter because the player isn't following their progress, seeing as they are too far. This also avoids over-processing, which also causes another glitch.

When the map is brought up, the game teleports the opponents, to give the impression that they're moving. This happens every time the map is displayed, which means that if it's opened several times in a row, the opponents will teleport constantly. The weirdest part is that they normally teleport to a spot closer to the player.

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