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USS Lewinsky door

A glitch in Carmageddon II
Location USS Lewinsky
Reproducibility High
Cause Engine
Harmless No

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Commonly, when playing on USS Lewinsky, and trying to waste all opponents, the player may find that some opponents are missing. The player enters the middle deck, but the radar points out that they're even lower. The middle deck is the lowest the player can go, but not the lowest the opponents can go.

How to[]

Get far away from the middle deck's West side. In other words, keep close to the flight deck's East. Eventually, when the opponents start investigating the middle deck, they might get lost...


The opponents that "disappear" from the map and are lower than the middle deck are on the lower deck, which can't be accessed normally. It can be reached on the Hard Core mission, but the opponents can go there whenever they want, thanks to a glitch. There is also a way for the player to enter it...

Sometimes, the opponents can waste themselves while on the lower deck, seeing as it has a big number of mines and upright poles. At other times, the opponents may even go back out and return to the main room, but in order for this to happen, the player must stay away from the door, so the opponents can pass through it.


To save memory, every object that is a certain distance away from the player will stop being rendered. In other words, every time that object collides with something, it'll be ignored. Thus, when the player is far from the middle decks' Western door, any opponent that tries to go through it will be successful. That door blocks a tunnel that leads to the lower deck, where the opponents are "lost".

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